SSS Fashion Model Application

The following is for applying to be a model SSS fashion shows for our designers. Please understand that all model approvals/denials are made by the designers themselves, and NOT "In The Church" staff. Applications meeting each designers' requirements will be forwarded to the designers to choose from. Meeting all the requirements does not mean you are automatically approved.

Items that are commonly requested by our designers: (Priority Section List)

  1. Having already registered for SSS Fashion Show. If you have not registered go to our ticket page and register for the fashiion show
  2. Providing your own personal undergarments, including shapewear and/or a petticoat, depending on the designer's needs
  3. Shoes and/or boots that fit within the alternative fashion aesthetic
  4. Foundation matching your skin tone, eye liner, and mascara (applicable to all genders)

Having these items will increase your chances of being selected. Be sure to include what kind of items you have from this list in your application to help your odds. Further items may be requested by the designer once selected.

Additional Notes

  • All models should make a commitment to attend designer fitting schedule and rehearsal. In addition, designers may request for models to be apart of their TV interview to model their fashions. Note that the TV interview model opportunities (if applicable) is optional.
  • Models maybe asked to do a radio or TV interview before, during and after the event.
  • All models must accept that there will be photography taken of them, and that this photography will become property of the designers, media outlet and "In The Church". Models can purchase a Photography package from "in the Church" to obtain fashion show photos for their personal use. Professional Photoshoot sessions can be order and scheduled at anytime from "In the Church"
  • All models must accept that participating in the fashion show is volunteer, and should not expect compensation in any form.
  • Any models not accepted during the initial rounds by designers, but meeting requirements, will be wait-listed, and will be offered a spot in the show as positions are made available.



  • Your headshot should include from the base of your neck to the top of your head.
  • Your headshot should be done wearing either no makeup or only foundation - nothing else.
  • Your full body shots should be from the direct front and a side angle from your feet to the top of your head.
  • Full body shots should be done in fitted, but comfortable clothing.
  • Blurry, poor quality, too small (minimum of 800 x 600 dimensions), too large (each picture must be smaller than 5MB in size) altered and/or filtered (Photoshop, Instagram, etc.), cosplay/costume, or photos not meeting the requirements listed above could affect your application. Professionally done photos are appreciated, but unnecessary.
  • Your image pictures must be uploaded in your appliction or emailed to, and must end in .jpg, jpeg or .png only! Please check the ending of your picture!

Model Application


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