SSS Fashion Press/Media Pass Submission

The following is for acquireing a Press/ Media pass for the SSS fashion show. Media outlets that are selected will recieve an approval media pass confirmation email from "In the Church". Please understand that your submission does not automatically approve you for offical media for the SSS Fashion Show.

Press and Media Guidelines

  1. Press is not open call, and interested parties must go through an online application process on the website. Press are not accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. All press, unless specially requested, are to go through our application process. We will notify all acceptable press/ media pass parties via email.
  2. Press are allowed to skip lines and sit in our designated Press areas in event rooms. Once the Press area capacity is reached, additional Press must wait in line for additional seating in general audience seating.
  3. Press must proceed to our registration table and receive your Press Pass.
  4. Press are allowed to move about the room if they need to take photos. Press must respect the wishes of the panelist and/or vendor if they ask to not take photos or interviews.
  5. During main events, there may be a designated area for press to be situated - Press must respect guidelines provided by staff.
  6. Press who wish to schedule an interview with designers, models, coordinator, etc must forward a request to their direct, which will be forwarded to the Guest Relations department. If a guest declines the request to be interviewed, that is their choice to do so, and "In the Church" cannot further push the issue. Guests are aware of press and are mostly willing to do interviews, so this should seldom occur. We will also provide media outlets with the listing of designers, models, cordinators, who have gave consent for interviews.
  7. Press must send "In The Church" their post-con reports, either links or copies of printed pieces, positive and negative, directly to
  8. Press must agree with providing "In the Church with pre, during and post fashion show photos and video footage with copyright permission of usage. Any photo's or video footaged used by "In The Church" will be credited to your media outlet. Press must provide credit information so content can be credited approperately.




Press/ Media Pass Submission


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